Behind Me

     I woke up one night, having to do the obvious from drinking too much liquid before bedtime.  I stepped into the black hall and found my way to the bathroom without having to turn on a light.

     Relieved, I step out, and walk down the hall, where the floors, when you step on them, feel as if they need some security.  My weight is pressing into the floor as I walk yet this time, something was different.  Something, was walking behind me and I could feel their feet in the floor too as I stepped.  I stopped, without turning on the light, and took a deep breath.  I closed my eyes thinking, ‘Is what’s behind me, what I think is behind me?’  I completely froze, unable to move my legs any further, and all I had left to go was a few feet until I reached my bedroom. 

     Then, something inside of me was enraged.  I thought, ‘If this is what I think it is behind me, how dare it come in my house or near me as close as it is.’   It was definitely right behind me.  My heart skipped a beat but then I could hear it beating as a drum in my ears. 

     Finally, I took another deep breath and spun my body around facing it, in that hallway, in the dark, all alone.  I had a righteous indignation within and I was territorial!  I wasn’t about to allow this thing to follow me and remain in my house and scare me.  I looked it dead in the eyes and said, “In Jesus mighty name!  You get out of this house demon!”

     I took a deep breath, not congratulating myself whatsoever, but it was a breath of triumph as the feeling of its presence disappeared. 

     I walked to my room, confident and thankful to Christ who lives within me knowing the protection I have of Jesus’ blood can not only wash my sins away, but keep me safe from the darkness which walks this earth.

     Some ask, when they hear the story, ‘Did it come back?’  I smile and say, ‘That’s for a whole other story on a whole other day.’


I’d like to know what your thoughts are when you hear this story?  More to come, so stay posted.


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