What’s Moving Through My Home?

I have a very distinct routine. In fact, I started really sticking to a routine after I became ill with Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia. My dogs also have a routine which they’ve adapted to from me.

So, when I retire for the evening, after they’ve used the potty, had their water and all that, I pick up the Bible and snuggle up on my bed, usually I have at least five of my babies up there with me.

I peacefully lie as I read at how wonderful the Lord is, and I begin to ponder and calmly think of His greatness. That’s when, I heard a loud noise. A very distinct, very familiar sound which I recognized right away. It was the sound of sneakers treading across my living room floor, squeaking. Then I heard a loud SLAM! Now, my dogs jolted up and immediately ran to the bedroom door which was open. I put a puppy gate up so they can’t go roaming around the living room or kitchen at night. But, all of them, six at the time, were alarmed and barking loudly ready to catch and inflict great harm to the intruder. Now, I have two full grown German Shepherds, they have a bit of a nasty streak of aggression, and the fact I’m alone and live alone, well, this doesn’t sit well with them when we’re in bed and someone is in the house.

I put my Bible down and sat up. “SHHHH! Quiet for a minute!” I told them and they all obeyed and were so silent you can hear a pin drop. I wasn’t about to put up with what’s goin’ on in my casa here. My heart was racing and I was shaken up. I sat up, grabbed my 22 gun next to my bed and I cocked it ready to fire. Then, I grabbed my alpha shepherd and we began searching every inch of my house. I went into my living room which opens up into the kitchen, no one was there. Then I opened my second room door and looked around carefully with Adrian at my side. I finally opened my bathroom door, which I was fairly confident no one was in there because it’s right next to my bedroom. Nevertheless, I searched and no one. So, the thoughts raced my mind. “Maybe it came from outside.” I opened the front door and put the barrel of the gun out first, yes first, and I looked around. I live in the country, it’s dark out there. So, I locked the door and went out the back to search the back yard. No one was there.
I came back into the house and safely unloaded my gun when I looked again in the kitchen. I’m getting ready to move and there are boxes in the kitchen. They are stacked neatly only one particular box looked as if it had moved on its own. I know this because I placed one on top of the other and my dogs didn’t run into them at all. Here I go again, remembering what I had heard and thinking. I sat on the couch and all my senses grow alert as I realize what’s in my house. I feel a strange and eerie feeling. Yes, it’s an intruder but not one you can see. Sneakers treading across the floor and someone or thing hitting one of the packed boxes in the kitchen? This is probably the only time, as an adult, where I was terrified enough to call someone to come in the middle of the night to pray.
Here’s the thing, this is what I remember. The day before, my landlord had come into my home due to my toilet always running-basically wasting water which he has to pay because he covers the water bill. He’s tried to fix it many times and this time was no different. When he came in, he looked around and noticed I have boxes packed. He’s old and in his seventies with an unsound mind and the face of that freakish guy on Poltergeist 2. So, he grew upset I was moving but I patiently reminded him that I spoke to him about this weeks ago since I was waiting on a loan, which came through.
The pieces of the puzzle fell into place. He wore these pale white sneakers which looked like they were from the 80’s and when he walked through my front door to the bathroom, his shoes squeaked rather loudly across the tiled floor. Then, with him being angry I was leaving? “Hmmmmm.” I thought.

My mother was the one I called, since she lives a mile from me at that time, and she is a prayer warrior who is discerning and I can always count on her for some spiritual battle. I was already praying and casting out the presence within the home before she came and when she walked through my front door, she said she felt a peace and said, “You must’ve gotten rid of it already.”

What grates on me to this day, is not only did this demonic episode happen while I was reading the Bible, but it was due to someone who came into my house to fix a toilet of all things. I began thinking about how the enemy works and lingers in an area or attaches himself to a person causing oppression or possession-possession upon those not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ through one way, salvation.

Speaking to my mom, she agreed, this demon walked through my home to scare me and he was mimicking my landlord whom walked in the same manner. The box did move which was that loud SLAM I heard and I knew it was because the landlord was angry. Whatever demon it was came with him and stayed in my house until just the right time.

I’d like to get your opinion on this story, which is 100% true. Nothing added or taken away.

Who do you think was walking in my home? Do you believe the landlord left something demonic when he arrived the previous day?

Give me your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

The next post will be a time when I came across a woman who was demon possessed, which was not the first time it’s happened to me. However, you won’t believe what happened to me.

Keep coming back for more stories about the paranormal, which is the devil’s domain. You serve the Lord, then expect to get attacked.

Some may think, this sort of thing doesn’t happen to Christians. Uh, yeah it does and I’m a living testimony of it. Let me just say this…if the devil aint screwing with you when you’re a Christian then you must not be doing anything that important to cause him to worry about you. Life isn’t a bucket of sunshine and rainbows. You better be prepared to fight!

Authonomy.com Put title in search bar, “Possessions of the Human Kind”.


One thought on “What’s Moving Through My Home?”

  1. I’m not terribly sure what to make of your experience but I certainly agree with something you said, and that’s ‘if the devil aint screwing with you when you’re a Christian then you must not be doing anything that important to cause him to worry about you.’ Ain’t that the truth. 🙂 I said it to a friend just the other day – that ‘when you turn your life over to God, it doesn’t get easier, it gets harder.’

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