Possessed Woman Day One


     Going to the grocery store is something I’m used to doing probably every three weeks only this time, was one instance I will not forget.

     It’s not uncommon, I’ve gone to the store and passed a woman who I can sense something strange about her.  I knew I was discerning something malevolent yet insidious about her.  That’s when she stood up, from a crouching position, and walked by me.  She nearly bumped into me but what happened next is what startled me, she growled.  Now, this is one instance I recall because the presence about her was just overwhelming.  I would see clearly into what was lying beneath the flesh and muscle.  I could even feel it as surely as sun on my head on a hot day.

     So, then this instance was one I remembered when I was at another grocery store last year.  I was just about to leave with my niece when my eye caught a short woman, with hair cut as a boy and she was wearing pajamas.  I noticed a lot of people noticed her as well, probably because of the pajamas in a crowded store.  It was at that moment I heard something inside tell me, “Don’t look at her in the eyes.”  I thought to myself, “Yeah okay, why can’t I look at her in the eyes?”  And you guessed it, I looked her dead in the eyes.  She seemed to acknowledge me as well and completely ignored my niece who was closer to her as she passed by.  Just before she did however, she gave me a nasty look and waved her arm at me.  Not in my face or anything but clearly it was at me. 

     When we made it outside and into the truck, I felt strange.  Funny.  I mentioned her to my niece and she picked up on the same woman who you couldn’t help but see.  “Something’s wrong with that one.  Like she’s…”  “Possessed.”  I completely her statement as my niece turned and looked at me with wide eyes.  “How did you know that?  You saw it too?”  “Uh yeah!  I feel weird.”  My niece nodded.  “Yeah she had a problem with you, Aunty.”

     “Indeed she did.  I had a huge problem with her as well.” 


     If only, I listened to the Holy Spirit telling me to not look at her.  It was at that moment, our spirits collided.  Because light and darkness do not mix.  She waved her arm and it was then that I felt something literally attach to me.  Kind of like glue on your fingers. 

     I went home with my heart racing and feeling strange, which is out of character for me.  I figure I write about angels and demons and spiritual warfare, so perhaps this is why this happened.  The first night, I was moody, angry, and I found myself utterly impatient yelling at my dogs, which I don’t do, unless of course they do something really bad lol.  But, I was flailing all over the place.

     I finally sat down, after putting my groceries away and began to pray that whatever attached itself to me would flee.  Now, you should know when you are saved with Jesus in your heart, you cannot be possessed.  Again, light cannot dwell where darkness is and vice versa.  However, you can become oppressed.  The Bible confirms this.  So, I prayed over myself and went to bed.

     Sleep was not sweet for me.  I struggled and tossed and turned all night with thoughts running through my head of that woman.  I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  Every time one of my dogs would try to snuggle or touch me I grew angry.  I didn’t want love or anything that night which is also not like me at all.  I knew the encounter was one the enemy planned.  I didn’t know what to do but continue praying and praying against the spirit which lingered around me, toying with me. 

     I didn’t know what to do because I still felt funny the rest of that night and even when I woke in the morning.

     The next day was equally as disturbing…..


     Join me for Day Two of what happened to me.  If you would like to read about some spiritual warfare and demon possession, I encourage you to go to Authonomy.com and put in their search bar, the title of my book, “Possessions of the Human Kind”.  It may be enlightening and scary for you all at the same time.



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