The Possessed Woman Day Three……..Deliverance


     It was the third day, since I had the encounter, with the possessed woman.  I knew this was it.  It was going to end.  But, how, where and when?

     I woke up and remained in my pj’s all day long feeling defeated and utterly helpless, to fight against the demonic presence which has been infiltrating my life for two days.  What sort of oppression was it?  Why couldn’t I overcome this? 

     Anger and a short fuse was my life, as of late, and I had enough of it!

     See, when the Bible says, Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, then I completely understand what it means.  When you begin to worship the Lord, everything fades away.  Demons must flee.  They have no choice! 

     This new person I was becoming, was not me.  I finally picked up the phone and called my prayer warrior to come and assist me.

     Jittery and anxious I waited, knowing what was going to happen and fully welcoming it.

      I opened the door to my mom, who came in, with a smile upon her face.  We began talking of the day of the encounter, at the store.  Pinning things down and how the enemy has really thrown an arrow at me, it was easy to see his motive.

     I used to tell my Aunt, “The devil must really hate us if he’s messing with us like this.”  She would respond with a flicker of a optimistic fighter.  “The feeling is mutual.”

     I told my mom, “I can’t do this anymore.  I’m moody, I can’t sleep for long, and I…I…”

     “Let’s just pray and rid this.”  My face was one of concern and failure.  “Why couldn’t I get rid of this?”

     She laid her hands upon me and immediately I felt something come over me.  Something more powerful than what the enemy left behind, with me.  I felt strength return and a warrior spirit within rise up.  I heard the words of a commander, a fighter, a mighty Christian, commanding this oppression to flee, in Jesus mighty name.

     At that moment, it was like watching the television, because I could see a vision of  this mass, like a black cloud, fleeing, from over me, and disappear, from my home.

     When I opened my eyes, from her prayer, I felt free and light!  Complete and whole!  I felt delivered! 

     It makes me think of what those people, in the Bible days, saw when they were around Jesus.  The healings and the deliverances, from possession and evil spirits.  What was it that they saw and felt?

     If this makes you curious at all, go to and put the name “Angelica” in the search bar.  Fall into the loving arms of Jesus and follow Him, to the cross and to the grave.

     Those of you reading this blog, be watchful.  I wanna hear your thoughts.  Anything, just give it to me.  Blessings to all, until next time, of another paranormal, or demonic encounter.



3 thoughts on “The Possessed Woman Day Three……..Deliverance”

  1. I’ve had a number of experiences throughout my life that have made it very clear that we don’t exactly walk this earth surrounded only by that which we can see. And yes, it began when I fell in love with Jesus at the age of fourteen – not in a creepy way. 🙂 At first I was terrified but as time went by I learned that many such things rely on our fears to get to us. I’ve had much pain and sorrow in my life but my faith isn’t shaken. I’m currently undergoing divorce, which is not at all what I want – it is his decision. Not that our marriage wasn’t extraordinarily difficult – he was an alcoholic and a cruelly abusive one and his children were damaged little beings full of hate and blame. I believe a lot of that is still very much attached to me – it’s as though this giant octopus has his tentacles still wrapped tightly around me, choking the life out of me. Odd, I know. I must go deeper into prayer and scripture – would love your prayers also. Despite the damage I went through at their hands, I’m heart-broken about the divorce. I believe it’s very much in God’s will for us to be together. When I write in my two blogs, it’s a therapeutic experience for me. I don’t focus on the spirituality that underpins it all because I firmly believe my calling is to the ‘fringe-dwellers’, the lost and broken…and that I need to call them in gently. Love and strength and solidarity for my fellows who have also been abused is a basis from which to one day reveal where the true source of love is. I’m very wary of chasing needy persons away with an emphasis on what so many people perceive as freakish religion. I have seen lost souls turned away from churches and I believe we let humanity down when we don’t welcome them with compassion and understanding, despite their beliefs. That, to me, was not the way of Jesus. But it’s great to read your own blog. Clearly, it is your purpose and calling to focus on spiritual warfare and I look forward to hearing much more from you. I’ll have a look at too. I haven’t come across it before. Peace, sister.

    1. Hello! My heart goes out to you. I myself have dealt with a loved one who is an alcoholic my whole life. My father. He knows he is one and chooses to remain in his state. Over the lives of me my younger brother and my older sister there has been much pain and sorrow. He’s been an absent father because of the drink and it’s just getting worse in his older age. There’s been much verbal abuse and it’s been heart breaking. My mom is a believer and dealt with this too. She’s been praying for him for a long long time. She refuses to give him over to the enemy and it’s a constant battle.
      I have a close friend who is also having marital troubles and one thing I can tell you as I’ve told them, although I’m unmarried, I can give you counsel of what God’s word says. He promised a future and a hope!
      You know, the world calls alcoholism a medical condition but us Christian’s need to look at it the way the Lord does. It’s a spirit. A spirit of alcoholism. It’s a major strongman which has a hold of our loved ones. I encourage you today to begin addressing that spirit which is over your husband.
      Begin rising up and taking control through the authority of Jesus which lives within you. The very power which raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives within you! Begin also to pray against that divorce. Yes, the Lord is broken and in tears over you and your marriage. He wants you guys to remain together as well. The enemy is the one who breaks marriages down.
      So, sister today pray against that divorce and that spirit of alcoholism and begin believing and you will see what God will do on your behalf.

      I recently removed “Angelica” from because it’s coming out towards the end of the year to a book near you!

      Be blessed. I let my mom know about you and I know she will be in prayer as well on you behalf. Much love.

      1. Thank you, lovely woman. I’ve only just found your response this afternoon. It seems I sometimes miss my wordpress email updates but no matter, I was searching for something else entirely and you popped up. 🙂 I don’t know why I haven’t done as you suggest already! I certainly pray many times a day and find great comfort in scripture, but I haven’t prayed in the manner you’ve suggested – and would love your mother to pray also. You two must be formidable women. The alcoholism affects his whole family; he has six siblings and all of them bar one are completely over the top with their drinking, and his adult daughters are also unable to curb their excess – not just with drinking but also with spending money on pretty things. They’re not content unless they have seven of something most people only have two of – it’s always been very strange to me. And the whole family is extremely abusive to one another, not just to me. So…I will pray harder and with intent.

        I’m also sorry to see that you too, have been exposed to the ravages of the demon drink. It must have been dreadful growing up with it – the irresponsibility of the alcoholic parent, the unpredictability, the abuse and insecurity. God bless your mother for never giving up.

        It’s wonderful news that ‘Angelica’ is coming out soon. Do let me know when I can pick up a copy here in Australia. I will keep you posted also regarding my happenings. God’s keep.

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