Paranormal Thought


     Last night, I was thinking of Easter coming.  Resurrection.  The day Jesus Christ rose, from the dead, defeating Satan and his demon hoard!

     But, I also began to ponder, His walk.  The places He went and miracles He did and the people He delivered, from demonic possession.  I mean, some people lived in a cave, naked, breaking their chains which people placed, on the possessed person, fearful for their lives.  Some walked around taunting the Lord while others begged Jesus not torment them, before their time.  Meaning, before it’s time, for them, to go to their permanent destruction, which is hell.  What is it that people saw back then?  The demons fleeing a persons body because Jesus, God’s own Son, commanded them to.  They had to obey.  What was it like?

     I began to picture being there.  When Christ saw the man who brought his son, whom was possessed, and the demons were tormenting him by tossing him, into the fire.  O what fear the father must have had and such desperation.  To see something as this happening their own child and then call upon the One person he knew could heal his son.  Jesus.  Imagine the terror the demon must have had upon laying his eyes, on Jesus.  Oh what fear that the day of his death was possibly near!  O it makes me smile thinking of that. 

     Such paranormal, supernatural instances occurred back then and yet people somehow think it’s gone and only fit for the Bible days.  That can’t be further, from the truth.  The Bible says, the devil roams around seeking whom he may devour.  When the Lord asked Satan where he’d been in the book of Job, he answered, “To and from earth.”  See, he’s out there, everywhere just as the Lord is but there is and always has been One winner.  From the beginning of time, it’s always and forever will be and remain Jesus Christ.

     So, as you sit eating, drinking and being merry, with your family, on Resurrection day, give a thought and a prayer to reason why we celebrate this day.


     If you would like know what it may have been like living in Bible times, around Jesus Christ, then pop on to  Look for the book entitled, “Angelica”.  I think you may be blessed.

God bless you my readers and Happy Resurrection Day!

See you next week for another paranormal story.


Author: Author Aimeé Marie Bejarano

Aimeé Marie Bejarano is an Author of historical fiction and paranormal thriller/horror novels. She not only loves the grind of writing but of daily caring for her animals on a small farm. Being unmarried, but married to the Lord, Aimee's only passion is for the life given and to do all she can to fulfill what God has planned. This site is also meant to open the eyes of what is taught, has been taught and continuing to be taught in this world. Eyes open to the truth which is what she desires. To teach on what God's word says about infamous topics such as spirits, haunting, ghosts etc.

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