I believe the horror thing is being done to death and we all love it!  I love scary movies.  I could never watch them when I was a kid because I was tortured by demons of fear growing up. 

But, now as it stands, I am in love with the scary movies.

So, it came as no surprise that when my niece would come over to visit and spend the night, we would watch horror flicks especially with the paranormal.  One movie we both love is a classic.  A true horror terrifying people and new generations to this day.  The Exorcist.

When, Linda Blaire came down those stairs upside down, and blowing out blood, I get the chills.  But, I was so tired and wanted to go to sleep.  But, I stayed up for her until my niece said, “Aunty, I’m tired.”  Oh it was music to my ears.  “Let’s go to bed.”

We snuggled in and I read the Bible to her as she passed out, or so I thought.  We usually gab and laugh but not this night.  I was really tired too.  But, when something knocked from top to bottom on my bedroom door, I asked, “Honey, did you hear that?”  “Yeah.”  She answered quite quickly.  That’s when I heard the scratches going from top to bottom of the door followed by the sound of a click.  Yes, the door opened on it’s own.  She jolted out of bed and backed against the wall as my dogs walked towards the door.  Without a bark or alert, this is super strange because they normally would if someone opened my door like this.  But, then they all walked forward and as I turned on my light, all of their heads were looking up to the thing standing in the doorway.  I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.  So, I got up.  “What are you doing, Aunty?”  “I’ve got to rid it out of here or else it’ll stay in this freaking house all night, honey.”  She freaked as I began praying and casting out the demon who opened my door and inflicted fear upon us.  I then walked towards the door and into the living room where it was standing.  Because I do the things I do, such as walking towards the demon, doesn’t mean I’m super brave and without fear.  I may be brave, to a point, but I then recall who it is who lives inside of me.  That tingly feeling surging through my body is merely a smoke screen terrifying me to not take action against the invader.  Satan!  I hate him.

     After the prayers, it was truly gone.  I could tell from how the dogs were looking up, that this demon was huge!  Tall in stature!  Well, I began to think, “Okay, what were we just watching?”

     As my sister and mom heard the story, and my house was known as the paranormal house where demons reside, well, they chalked it up to the movie as well.  Many don’t think that a simple movie, about something that truly happened, can bring an entrance to demons.  Um, yeah, hello the movie was demonic and about demons!

     Due to this, my sister was a little terrified coming to visit and in fact didn’t for a long while.  Because, shortly after, the paranormal things began to happen, which some of the stories I have posted on here.  No, I don’t play with a Ouija Board or practice witchcraft.  It’s one of those things.  That night, I know it was my fault allowing it in by the movie.  But, the other times, I had nothing to do with it.  Just a simple Christian woman serving the Lord. 

     I decided to take these things and add them to my books.  One is on entitled, “Possessions of the Human Kind.”  Demons lurk the earth and they are real.  You could choose to believe it or not.  You may even choose to think I’m doing something sinister for these things to take place.  I don’t mind anyone thinking what they want.  I know the truth and will post it for you all to listen and weigh in your heart. 

     Remember, as a Christian you have all authority and power to cast out demons!  If you are not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, the enemy may trick you into thinking you have the answers, or through other means of people who can see ghosts or demons etc.  But, there is only one way.  A way which defeated these forces and there’s no matching Him.  If you’re on His side, then you’re in good hands.  If you are not, I say, God luck!

Wonder how it felt to walk with Jesus?  “Angelica” is climbing in rank on  Follow her as she follows Jesus.  You can even get an idea of what it was like when Jesus, Himself, came across a possessed person.

Much blessings.  Until next time!




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