Sometimes, it can begin by a whisper where you almost think someone is calling your name. For some, they are at a sleep over and as they are falling asleep, there’s a faint growl followed by the light flickering on and off until it finally pops.
Sometimes, it starts by merely waking up to use the bathroom and the television suddenly turns on the static channel on its own.

During these times, it can escalate especially if you don’t know how to combat. Leaving what shouldn’t be there THERE can only lead to poltergeist activity or paranormal mishaps that can keep you bound and keep you oppressed. If you aren’t protected it can very well possess you.

The devil is alive and well and living among the earth. The one solace I have is the fact he will burn in hell very soon. His reservations are already made along with his entourage for what they’ve done.

People may dislike the Lord or never give Him much thought, but He is the only peace we will have and find. He is the only future for us who follow and He wants to give us a future. That is why He sent His Son to earth to die for us on a cross.
In Jesus mighty name we can combat those demonic forces that keep coming camouflaging themselves as angels of light or ghosts, (humans that are dead). God’s word clearly talks of this.

So, in Jesus mighty name we have all authority and all power because He lives within us. Life can’t get any better than having our creature living within us…can it?

Read more posts to see how you can fight against demonic activity.

“Angelica” will be released sometime later this year. You have never seen Jesus in the way she did. You will have your eyes opened feeling as if you are there with Him following in the shadow of His steps.

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