Jezebel A Woman Still in the Church

If you go to 1st Kings 18 you will find yourself familiar with Jezebel who had the prophets of the Lord killed. She is cunning, manipulative and o so evil. Her husband was King Ahab.
This is what I love about this story! The prophet Elijah basically challenges her and her wicked prophets of Baal-if you don’t know who they are, they are basically worshippers of a false god and tried to get his attention by cutting themselves. Elijah mocked that perhaps their god is extremely busy to answer and that’s when the true Lord God of heaven and earth rained down fire upon the altar and consumed it all. Which it was of course soaked down with water to show WHO the true god is.
Jezebel in the churches today is very similar to the real Jezebel from whence the spirit comes.
Most people who have the Jezebel spirit operate within her control often. Within the church, the spirit attaches itself to leaders and guess what…prophets. It’s no wonder given her origin. You may or may not recognize her or even discern her presence but let’s just give some examples to help you understand her better.
1. She manipulates and never apologizes but uses her powers of that manipulation to somehow put the blame on you. Yes she will cry and even act like she’s sorry without ever saying the words and NO she is not sorry. I recall a time when I came face to face with a leader in the church who had the Jezebel. Just being around them was physically exhausting. I discerned such evil and I was physically sick. When that person walked away from me I had such relief yet had to pray to get that presence away from me. Something about being around that person is either so hideous you must flee from them before you vomit or you tolerate it not knowing it’s the Jezebel.
2. She is the master attacker of those in leadership and especially prophetic. If you operate in an area of prophetic look out! Because Jezebel just may be coming for you or you have already encountered her. She is very helpful or appears to be. She also uses her children or children in general to help in controlling and power to get what she wants. I also recall being around her in action during these times. She is the first to call upon the pastor to cry or complain and lie twisting truth. Her powers of persuasion and manipulation is so strong most pastors-sad to say- will not see it. I have seen it so much in churches but when warning the pastor or leader, they refuse to see it until all hell on earth breaks out. Then, they realize something is very wrong within their church. Jezebel is breaking forth. And if you find yourself on her good side, she will use you as long as you remain on her good side. But, look out if you cross her or disagree with her. I’ve seen a leader operating under the Jezebel and they were yelling and accusing people left and right. Really out of their character because looking closely, this person’s eyes had a strange and hypnotic glow about them which was sinister. Thankfully others sitting among this spoke up as well as me and it was addressed however later, due to the Jezebel, they recanted ever doing anything wrong that day and claimed that EVERYONE twisted their words etc.
So, now that we have a little more of a handle on the Jezebel spirit, does it strike you funny that perhaps you have come across her before?
Thought you might.

More to come. “Angelica” still coming to a book near you so look out!


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