Jezebel A Woman Still in the Church Part 2

Now that I have your attention and you’re probably questioning some people you may know or are acquainted with or have bumped into in the passed, one thing you should know. Don’t accuse just anyone of having the Jezebel spirit.
This spirit is very deliberate. Someone having a bad day or a bad week who may have a bad attitude you really have to be careful in suggesting they have the spirit if at all. Some in passed instances have accused people wrongly of this and it was very sad. This person I knew did not have the Jezebel spirit but was just going through some rough times. Upon worshipping the Lord and crying, this person was confronted by a pastor in the presence of many and was accused of have the Jezebel spirit and was initially sat out. Yes, I disagree with this and I don’t know about you, but nowhere in the word of God does it say to agree fully with a leader. In this case, it was wrong and caused a lot of damage.
Now, continuing from previous examples we move to number 3

3. The Jezebel will have her husband in FULL SUBMISSION TO HER. Yes it is true. Now, the word of God tells us that the wife is to submit to her husband however the Jezebel will never allow that to happen. She disobeys all the time, she makes the rules, she handles the kids and will over ride what the husband has said to the children if punishment etc. Her word is bond! Her word is gold and heaven help anyone who gets in her way and goes against what she’s said including her husband especially. She basically calls the shots. IF you as the husband want Mc Donald’s she will go out and get Chinese food. Now, this is a specific attitude and behavior that is a constant. In other words, no wife is perfect but the Jezebel acts this way to her husband constantly. In fact, she will also openly demean him in public and verbally abuse him. Yes, and it happens in the church you better believe it.
There was instance where I was present and a woman I knew very well had the Jezebel. It was so difficult being around this person if at all. She had a terrible attitude, was bad mouthing every form of leadership within the church, had suggestions of her own on how SHE could better the church or certain ministries. She also was openly abusive verbally to her husband. Yes, she called him idiot, stupid and many other choice things and this in the presence of pastors as well. When confronted she pulled the manipulation stating how EVERYONE was wrong except her. She cried and refused TO APOLOGIZE. Remember, she won’t. And basically blamed the pastors even when others in the church were coming to them with issues they were having with this woman.

4. Now, this may or may not come as a shock, but when you continue reading passed 1 Kings 18 and go on further in the chapters, you will find that Jezebel worships Baal, a false god, and when Elijah the prophet challenged them to prove their god is GOD, they begin praying and chanting and CUT THEMSELVES.
Yes, it’s true the Jezebel may even cut herself. It’s because of where this spirit derives from. The worshippers of Baal cut themselves. Just as in the Bible. Confirmation this is a spirit. An evil, demonic and deceptive, manipulating spirit.
Now, this same woman I knew, who had her husband under thumb, whenever he wanted to see his family, she heaved and cried and MADE herself hyperventilate. So, he gave in and didn’t see his family for up to 2 years. This was a constant thing. In fact, before they were married, this man’s pastor told him to break things off with her and do this over the phone and not in person because he knew and saw how this woman operated. Of course, the man didn’t listen. Instead he did things his own way and tried breaking things off with her in a parking lot and she heaved and cried and keeled over like she was dying. This all before they were married so you can imagine how their marriage really was. Or was…passed tense. Yes, it ended in divorce.
And yes she was a cutter. She seemed boastful of it in fact and when I asked her why she was doing that she responded that it made her feel better because NO ONE was LISTENING TO HER. It wasn’t that no one was listening to her, it was that people were beginning to see how she was and refusing to go under the control of that spirit. The Jezebel in real action.
5. Even with verbal abuse, the Jezebel may in fact even hit her husband. Yes hit her husband and yes it can happen with a woman hitting a man. It’s not always a man hitting a woman.
Again, and sadly I was witness to this. This woman was upset her husband was asking about bills, which he pays for, and she flew off the handle yelling at him why he needs to know these things. Credit cards. Then, she went to leave the house in her rage, and when he chased after her and was begging her to stay, she flung at him and began hitting him repeatedly. Yes, it really happened and yes I saw it and yes I was shocked. It was the Jezebel in real action.
She also would fly into hysterics and smack her husband in the face while he was driving and broke the vizer to their car nearly causing him to wreck.
Now, more to come. If you have questions or things to add please feel free to post. This is a spirit that is running free in the church. Jezebel is a wicked and tricky spirit and it’s hard to bring to leaders and pastors because they often times refuse to believe it. Remember, she appears to be helpful in all retrospect.

Be cautious you don’t accuse someone who may just be having a rough week. It’s a constant lifestyle and way of behaving and operating which you should look out for.

More added soon.

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