Jezebel A Woman Still in the Church Part 3

Now, this section may be a little short but it opens your eyes to awareness about the Jezebel spirit.
We are on to step 6

6. She is the QUEEN OF CONTROL. Yes, she is controlling, manipulative but will control every aspect of her life, her children’s, her husband and yes even the church. While she is trying to gain control of the church, she will speak badly about the church, the pastor and the leaders. She will try to seem helpful as she confronts a leader about a ministry they are doing. Sure, she seems helpful but it’s part of her master plan.  She also will have IDEAS that she will bring to the pastor about other ministries which she is not involved in.  Her powers of persuasion are key components in the way she operates the control and manipulation.
A woman at a church once felt as if the worship leader said something wrong to her. I was present, sadly I’m present during these times, but I was in the bathroom and I could hear her speaking all these horrible things about the worship leader. I called the pastor very concerned at what I heard. What did the pastor do? Nothing. In fact, he responded how the worship leader shouldn’t have done what he did etc. She had already got a hold of the pastor on the phone and the pastor was under her control. Completely. Regardless that I was a witness to her words and plans, he didn’t care.  She was never addressed or sat out for her role in anything that she does.

Another controlling factor with her children was when a woman was arguing with her husband who no longer wanted to be in control under that spirit.  She decided to show him who she was and told her kids, move and get in the car!  They obeyed and disobeyed their dad.  She was in control, not her husband.  Huge red flag.  See who the children will obey IN FEAR and combine that will all the other red flag signs and you may just see a person under the Jezebel.

7. She talks Godly but catch her on the side and you will get curses and bad talk any other time. This happened also in a church. This woman with the Jezebel was so nice to people, complimenting them and saying nice things but when she was alone and someone did something SHE didn’t agree with, she cursed them saying all sorts of crazy things. Also saying she would confront the other person which she didn’t do.
Sad thing is when this was brought to the Pastor, the woman who got an earful from the Jezebel basically a witness, the Pastor didn’t care. In fact, it almost was as if he seemed to think the whole thing was one big joke or something. It wasn’t until he heard the woman had said horrible things about HIM that he decided to act on it. He unfortunately didn’t care that she was cursing and saying terrible things about another woman in the church who was a leader. In fact, the Jezebel may even be in leadership too! Yep, this one was. Was things ever addressed? Nope. Sad but a lot of people saw this woman’s evil and no one cared to listen. No one who could actually do something. Of course, don’t forget if she’s confronted it will all be put onto someone else.

Now, she will blend in. Where as the Jezebel attaches itself to Godly people, those not serving the Lord can also be oppressed with this spirit.  She will know and be able to quote some scripture to get by but she will initially twist things to her advantage.

Don’t forget that she blends in with everyone and everything.
This is an oppressive spirit. If a Christian you know does have this spirit over them, they are in control by it and therefore you will see the fruit of that spirit in operation. But, the person always sees what they are doing. It doesn’t possess, can’t a Christian anyway, but oppresses the person.
 But, they don’t think their behavior is wrong in any way.  They always say or feel as if they’re being attacked when they are the verbal aggressor.  Their spouse may not or ever see anything wrong with the one with the Jezebel spirit because they are usually already in complete control by it and used to its ways.

More to come and steps how to stop the Jezebel. Remember, please don’t begin accusing a person of having this spirit. You must not only check with these steps but you must be in prayer and even fasting. God gives discernment and will show you what you’re dealing with.

“Angelica” still to come all. Her release month is November and not sure the day yet but will keep you all posted.

To be continued…


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