How To Overcome the Jezebel Spirit

Since we’ve basically gone over tons of signs on how you can identify this spirit, the one thing we need and you’ve probably asked, okay, we’ve talked about her but how can we combat against her?


1.  One of the major things you must remember is what God’s word says.  Ask anything on this earth and it will be done in heaven.  Whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, we have it.  Prayer.  The first form of combat should never be your last.  It’s prayer.  You must begin and be ready to go into the enemies camp and fight him.  This spirit is oppressing the person with the Jezebel.  The only way to combat her is through prayer.  It’s a strong force and stronghold.  This is one of the only ways you can defeat her.  When you pray there will begin to be a sudden change within the person who has the Jezebel and everyone who is under her control.  Pastors or leaders won’t listen to you if you are warning them, prayer is the best thing.  It will break open strongholds and open the eyes and hearts of the people.  Don’t expect a good argument to help you because it more than likely won’t if you haven’t prayed.  Don’t forget, if you’re faithfully praying and things are looking terrible, it’s merely a smokescreen to get you discouraged.  If this is happening when I pray then it must not be working.  Quite the opposite.  The enemy wants us to think nothing is happening and our prayers aren’t working.  Yes it is.  He knows it.  Keep praying!


2.  Fasting.  Now some people may want to fast chocolate or something like that.  I don’t recall in the Bible where Jesus fasted chocolate or a specific food.  He fasted and had no food at all.  I encourage you to do that.  When I fast and have fasted 21 days, it was so hard!  Yes, denying food, a source your body needs is a tough thing to do!  I struggled and struggled.  But, then when I remembered the very things I was fasting to break, it all seems worth it.  If you love those who are under the Jezebel’s control, the one who has Jezebel also, then you need to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and fast.  When a man came to Jesus with his son who was possessed, he told Jesus that His disciples couldn’t cast them out.  Jesus responded after an admonishment that this one comes out by nothing but prayer and FASTING!  He literally gave us the keys to use.  It’s up to us to use them.  Sometimes strongholds do not budge unless you fast.  You are giving up on something you need to live so you can combat a spiritual issue.  Great power!  Fasting has moved things in my life.  Note: if you suffer from an ailment where you can’t miss meals, talk to your doctor.  This is never meant to ignore a doctors orders especially when taking medication etc.  I’ve been there.  Talk to your doctor.


3.  Now one thing I do recommend and this did happen, once the Jezebel is revealed, you may need to speak with a leader or your pastor especially if this spirit has had them under control.  When they see it you will know.  Even the one with the Jezebel will begin to have their eyes open even though things may still be in upheaval.  Confronting the Jezebel after you have fasted and prayed is beneficial for deliverance.  There may be weeping or yelling but the end result is this person sees and wants to change.  If you see true repentance and renouncing that spirit once and for all, then healing and deliverance can occur.  Some noted deliverances have been crying, yelling, screaming, spitting, throwing up.  Extra prayer warriors is always beneficial.


Once that person is delivered and controlled ones set free, you will see an immediate change.

One major warning which you should know whenever in spiritual battle, when you combat any demonic force, to loose someone then that spirit will come after you.  Be prepared!


Give that person love and forgive them if they’ve done anything against you.

I have been oppressed and needed prayer support.  Read previous blogs on Possessed Woman.

More spiritual battles to come!


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