Don’t Mizzzz Horror and Paranormal Movie Quizzzz

I thought it would be nice to take a small break in our busy writing lives and post a fun questionnaire about movies I love, paranormal and horror.  If you think you can answer all of the questions I encourage you to try.  What you do is respond to this site with your answers.  How many do you think you can get right?

1.) Name the classic paranormal movie in which a little, blonde girl is kidnapped into a portal through her bedroom closet?

2.) What is the name of that little girl?

3.) What are the two words she says when the house is awakened by an earthquake?

4.) When the psychic brings back the little girl, what are her famous four words that she says in front of the camera?

5.) What is the horror movie with Jamie Lee Curtis where a masked man escapes from a mental institute?

6.) What is his name?

7.) What holiday does he strike?

8.) Who was the first victim when he was a kid before he was put in a mental institute?

9.) What is the paranormal movie directed by James Wan about a family tormented by spirits with their five daughters?

10.) What is the last name of that family?

11.) What are the names of the demonologists who come to their aid?

12.) What is the demonologists daughters name?

13.) What is the name of the doll in the beginning of the movie who now has her own movie?

14.) Name the boy in the movie Insidious who knows how to astroproject?

15.) Where did his spirit get lost to?

16.) What’s the name of the psychic who comes to help?

17.) Who brings the lost child home?

18.) What do they call the creature referred to as the man with fire on his face?

19.) What song is playing when he is sharpening his razor like fingernails?

20.) Tell everyone something you do when you are watching a scary movie?

21.) Name the classic black n white movie where a killer murders a woman in the shower.

22.) How much money did she steal from her job?

23.) Who was the man at the hotel who had dinner with her in the parlor?

24.) What’s the name of the hotel?

25.) What does he do when he finds the dead body in the shower?

26.) Trick question.  Who was the killer in that Alfred Hitchcock classic?

You have finished a super fun game.  I’ll let you know if you passed.  Need more paranormal stories?  Read this blog for true stories of horror and battle.

Follow along.  “Angelica” still due out November 21.  Follow book page


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