If faced with the decision to choose death for the one you love or escape in denial, what would you do?

Decisions, decisions.

I’ve never seen a man healed of blindness or demons flock to a herd of swine which stampede down a hill and down into the ocean waters.  I’ve never seen Jesus but it doesn’t stop me from believing He is real.

I’ve seen a demon and I’ve seen angels, and I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, but if faced with death for someone I loved, would I gladly give my own life to save theirs?  Would you?

Angelica is faced with decisions every day as she begins her journey to the River Jordan and meets a man filled with the joy of the Lord, John the Baptist.  But, as she’s interrupted at noises all around her, she’s brought back to the place she’s being held, prison.  She is merely telling her story.

Now, you can find her on KINDLE

Also if you go to you will find more links where you can buy the book on paperback.

Never have I seen half of the things Angelica has, but she is determined to follow Jesus just as I am.  Decision.

The book has been lowered in price for the holiday season.  You can now follow, LIKE and join my mailing list on the Facebook page.

Jesus greetings!


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