That same hour a young woman snarling and spitting draws closer through the multitude. She is crawling on all fours like dog and hollers. “You are Jesus the Son of the living God!” She sneered with drool spilling.  Immediately the attention of the Christ is drawn to the woman whom the crowd recedes from like a plague. Her eyes are strangely bright red when she lunges towards Jesus yet He neither flinches or moves, not fearing what He sees.  It is only because He knows who He is.  “You are the Christ!”  Salve drips like a faucet while she wheezes and cries from her devilishly foul mouth.  “Devil, I know who you are.  Be quiet and come out of her!” Jesus exclaimed. Just as He speaks there’s a lash of thunder.  Angelica looks to the sky at the storm brewing in the east…  “Angelica” is now at a low Kindle price for the week. t.co/ONCnup2XG5o See what new things Angelica sees and the situations she finds herself in.


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