Palpable Presence

It comes as a lingering breeze perhaps.  You walk into a room and you feel as if you’re anything but alone.  Eyes, the hair on your arm stand up.  Breath.  Something walking alongside you.  The sense is palpable that a presence is near you.  Something not of the human kind at all.

Battling demons is something we are directed to do in the word of God.  Cast em out.  The very presence which raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives in us.  It’s more powerful than those of the underworld of the enemy.  Satan.  But, what do you do when faced with something powerful?

When faced with a situation that’s nagging as a drippy faucet, you may freeze and not know what you can do.  I’ve been in a room and the very presence over a person someone was talking to over the phone, came into the room with me.  I began to get physically ill.  I was nauseas and dizzy.  It was powerful and I wasn’t ready for it’s entry in the least.

Ever faced with a palpable presence?  What did you do?  Most people would say, “What could I do?”

Prayer.  I recalled who I am in the Lord and prayed against this powerful force which came into my home just by the conversation of a phone call.  Yes, I knew this person on the other end of the line had a demonic presence over them and I’d been praying for them continuously.  I was just not prepared for it’s power and how it would make me feel.  I felt weak.  Tired.  Powerless.

Then realizing what spirit it was, demonic, I called it out by name and cast it from my home and away from me!  What did IT DO?  F-L-E-D!  It has no choice when it comes across the power of Jesus Christ.  And remembering that He lives within me, that palpable presence had to leave me, get out and release that oppression it was attempting to put upon me.

So, ever come across a situation as this?  If you have, feel free to share it.  I’d love to hear from you.


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