Who We Wrestle With

Something I realized so much last night, was what we wrestle with.  If we are waiting for a breakthrough in our lives and we are at a pause, a standstill and you know in your heart the Lord hasn’t told you that you’ve done something wrong, it’s simply a short pause, then what is it that’s hindering our answer from coming?

Read Daniel 10.  When Daniel purposed within himself to humble himself before God and fast 21 days (I know it’s hard because I’ve done it and it’s a major sacrifice and struggle) God broke through. BUT, there was a problem.

The Bible says that the Lord heard Daniel’s prayer from the moment it left his lips BUT the Prince of Persia hindered.  In fact, it hindered so much that Michael had to come to aid.  THEN it mentions he was fighting not only against the Prince but KINGS of Persia.  So, what are we wrestling with? Ephesians 6:12

We wrestle against principalities and powers, strongholds!  They aren’t going down without a fight and many won’t move without the added humbleness of us as Christians not only praying but fasting too!

Don’t give the reason you can’t.  Just do it!  I tell you from personal testimony.  God moves and those strongholds and principalities and strongmen have to move.

If this tugs on your heart and you are desperate for a breakthrough in your life, fast.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And while you make your decision, grab a copy of “Angelica”.  Learn about a diehard who followed the best example that ever walked this earth.  His name is Jesus.



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