Review of Annabelle the Horror Movie

Well, I finally got to see the movie which I long awaited for “Annabelle”.  With one of my favorite directors involved, James Wan, I was thrilled and excited beyond belief.  I was dying to watch this movie since “The Conjuring” scared me, and I note, not to the point of screaming, but it gripped me.  So, naturally a movie was made for the creepy, child, life sized doll who was used as a conduit.

Demonic.  So, since I write about this stuff, I may as well watch the horror movie which features the doll which scared everyone to death in “The Conjuring”.

I leave this movie utterly disappointed and wonder what the heck happened?!  I was expecting to be terrified and tuck my toes under the covers at night but I didn’t.


Well, for one the movie itself began well enough.  The satanic couple invading a couple’s home and killing their neighbors prior actually was a decent start.  I was like wow these people are nuts.  So, of course the killer couple die, one shot down by a police officer and another seemed like she slit her own throat.  Her blood then spilled onto Annabelle because she was holding that freaky doll.

Then for a while, the story takes a boring turn.  The woman who was pregnant along with her husband who is a doctor are dealing with the aftermath of these satanic people coming into their home.  They move of course and have their child. 

So sinister things begin to happen.  Or so it seems.  It wasn’t really that creepy.  The woman’s sewing machine turns on several times by itself.  Now, this is where I was really disappointed.  The husband gets up to check on just why this sewing machine turned on by itself.  My heart was gripped as he looked around the sewing table.  Now at this point, I was rather hopeful that the doll Annabelle was maybe next to the sewing table holding down the peddle.  I was waiting for it since they set this up and then NADA!  Annabelle however was behind the door of the baby’s room.  I think this was a wasted opportunity to freak the crap out of us.  Because then this new mom is dealing with her insecurities and pretty much keeps to herself.  But then, she begins to see apparitions of the satanic woman who cut her own throat.

Now, a couple of times I was waiting for it.  I’m telling you I love the scary movies!  There’s a scene where a little girl is standing in the next room ominously glaring at the woman.  The little girl runs towards her and the door begins to shut on it’s own, clearly demonic.  Then as soon as the little girl passes the door which is closing, she transforms into that satanic woman and charges at the new mom.  Call me crazy, but the new mom didn’t seem at all terrified to me.  I was watching this with my dad and I responded, “Really?”

There is a creepy part I do give them kudos for. The new mom ignorantly leaves her sleeping baby upstairs in the apartment all alone.  She heads down into the basement where she’s storing some items.  Clearly, it’s where the people in the apartment building put their things in a designated spot surrounded by a cyclone fence.  As she’s putting her item up, there’s a distinct squeaking in this basement.  Naturally, she’s able to hear it.  And that’s when behind her is an old fashioned stroller which looks like those old bassinettes.  It’s rolling out from behind some kind of curtain.  Now I’m getting creeped out as the squeaking stops and a baby begins screaming.  The woman walks over and the baby stops crying.  She grabs what appears to be a bloody blanket but no baby.  Then a charred, skeleton like hand grabs her forearm.  She screams and runs.  During this time there’s a big storm hitting and as she’s running up the staircase, to her daughter and to escape this thing, the lightning seems like it’s flashing inside the stairwell as she stammers up.  Suddenly, and just like horror movies, she stops and peaks over the stairwell and sees the hand, the charred up hand grip the railing then disappears.  She runs to the top panicked and then stops and looks down the stairs.  You hear a low growl which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  Then a flash of a demon on all fours on the ceiling glaring at her.  She runs into her apartment and locks the door, as if that’s going to keep a demon away.

They change scenes after this.  It’s very weird and dull.  She begins talking to the a woman at a bookstore who lost her daughter who was around the new mother Mia’s age.  So, she somehow gets a little close as friends.  She believes Mia who tells her that her home is being haunted by a ghost.

Here’s where I also think some of the scenes just ran dull and missed some great opportunities to scare the living crap out of us.  There’s a part where Mia is in her living room reading and watching her daughter, named Leah, play on the carpet.  She leaves the room, scary things happen and the door slams on her and she’s unable to reach her daughter.  And like in the previews, she peers under the door and sees her child then Annabelle falls in front of her line of sight.  AH! Right?

     Finally, she reaches her daughter, and you almost forget about Annabelle until the doll is in perfect view lying down.  She then sits up on her butt and then begins floating up off the ground which catches the eye of Mia.  That’s when you see the demon behind the doll holding onto her.  Mia’s husband rushes home and all you see is the woman cradling her daughter and the furniture and everything toppled over.  What the heck?  Why didn’t we see that?  That would have terrorized us to no end!  Another missed opportunity in my opinion.

     Now I have a BIG problem with the way this freaking movie ends.  The baby Leah is missing and apparently this demon attached to Annabelle wants the soul of Mia.  The only way to get the baby back is for Mia to kill herself.  Of course, her husband and her friend scream at her to stay and not to do it.  He grabs her and yanks her off the windowsill before she could plummet holding Annabelle in her arms of course.

     As their hugging, the friend grabs Annabelle and stands up on the windowsill.  She said it has to be done and this is what she must do to save them.  Then she jumps!

     My biggest problem, while they have a shot of the woman now dead on the street below with that doll, they quote a scripture verse.  Greater love hath no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friend.  Don’t freaking use that verse out of context! I thought.  No way!  This upset me because this woman did NOT lay down her life at all.  She killed herself.  Willingly jumped out the window conceding to the demands of the demonic spirit.

Hello?  Of course Satan wants us to kill ourselves.  He’s the father of lies.  He wants us to end our life so we’ll be his!  But, don’t use that verse! 

     One thing I agree with totally, is a part with the priest removing Annabelle from the couple’s home.  He’s attacked, clearly no power.  You cannot defeat a demon or a spirit or whatever is coming after you simply because you’re a priest.  You must have Jesus Christ the true and living God living inside of you.  And I don’t mean this by partaking of the communion where they believe Jesus literally comes down into the bread before they take it.  I agree in how they portrayed that the priest had no power.  They don’t no one does without Jesus! 

     Other than all of this, and aside from what I believe or think, this is merely my opinion aside from the scripture in the Bible.  Cannot twist the truth to serve the purpose of the movie.

     I was highly disappointed by the movie and after all the waiting, I should have just kept it on my list of movies to watch…eventually.

What is your opinion of this movie?

I rather hope that “The Conjuring 2” is just as scary as part one and I think Annabelle should be laid to rest.  Truly a let down.

“Angelica” won’t be a letdown.


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