History Repeats Itself

As those members of a terrorist group, Isis, holds the cool blade to the back of their necks, the only thing they had left to say while praying was, “Yeshua.”  Jesus!  Then those wicked men took 21 lives dumping their bodies into the ocean below.  Their spirits however were with Jesus long before their bodies hit the ground.

History repeats itself.  Christians of old were tortured, sawed in half, crucified upside down and stoned for merely preaching Jesus in Jerusalem.  A man named Saul of Tarsus was evil and his heart black yet afterwards became a voice for Jesus and suffered many things all in the name of the Lord.

History repeats itself.

Now you know why this novel is so timely.  “Angelica.”  Will she choose to be a martyr by acknowledging Jesus or will she deny Him?  What must be going through her mind as she awaits a life long decision?  So, she writes her story which begins on the same prophetic night of the birth of Christ.  Being the inn keepers daughter, she heard the stories growing up but were they true or the ramblings of an inn keeper, her father, told just as a fun story to his one and only daughter?  Would she meet Jesus?  Will she follow Him?

Time is approaching of Jesus’ soon coming.  I encourage you to read this novel. Many authors and writers, friends and family and pastors, Christians or not have been spreading the word of Angelica.  They are spreading Jesus to a world who needs Him now more than ever!



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