Kundalini Spirit

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been in deep study and I’m stunned. Stunned at what the enemy has been doing in the churches for many years. It’s been exposed sure, but no one has turned from it. They continue operating in this “Drunken Revival” where shaking, contorting, mysticism, Gnosticism, animal noises etc. are happening. Here’s the clincher. Everyone thinks this is the Holy Spirit.
I’m am fully aware of this massive shaking and trances into heaven along with people being transported back in time to speak with apostles and dead people in the Bible.
What is happening?!
These are the symptoms of what Hindu religion practices and it’s called the Kundalini Spirit. It opens yourself up to evil spirits and people are being deceived. Preachers are calling themselves the holy bartender while others are interrupted in service by being DRUNK in the spirit. No word is being preached. Whatever words do come out are doctrinally inaccurate and people are told to ignore the doctrine of the Bible and just concentrate on the manifestations. They are not Godly manifestations at all. People are being deceived rolling around on the ground for hours unable to get up. People are barking and howling like animals while others are feeling like they are literally and physically on fire so they run into walls in the church.
I’m appalled that churches such as Bill Johnson’s in Redding California practice this and many are led astray along with the youth.
They practice grave sucking as well where they believe that the anointing of a dead person remains on their bones. So, they go to that grave and lay their hands on it and FEEL the spirit of faith etc. But, I thought the Bible says Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God? You’re right. That’s how you get faith.
And even the word of God speaks of us to be sober be vigilant! Don’t be drunk!
I encourage you today to look up a youtube video from a man named Andrew Strom called the Kundalini Warning. He has also written a book about this very thing. Spread it around to whomever you can! Time is short and our Lord Jesus is coming back and it’s not for people who are under this spirit of the Kundalini and false Holy Spirit. It’s for a bride without spot or wrinkle.
Why talk about this and expose it? That is what we are called to do as well. These people are being led astray by blind leaders. They need our help and our prayers.
If you have been at a church as this I’d like to hear from you. If you are at a church as this, please get out now.

I am excited to have a book trailer for “Angelica” http://youtu.be/wcuDJY5rNxU


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