Back Again

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“Hundreds of Iranians and Afghanis have been baptised at Trinity Church, a Lutheran church in Berlin, where Pastor Gottfried Martens offers a three-month “crash course” for new converts.

AP reports on one baptism where Martens asked Iranian refugee Mohammed Ali Zonoobi: “Will you break away from Satan and his evil deeds? Will you break away from Islam?” To which Zonoobi fervently responded: “Yes.”

Martens then baptised him “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” Mohammed renamed himself Martin.

Martin Zonoobi, a carpenter from Iran, arrived in Germany with his wife and children five months ago. He is one of many who have converted, with many claiming true belief has prompted them.

However, Pastor Martens admits that some convert just to improve their chances of winning asylum in Germany – as Christians who have apostatised from Islam they are likely to suffer heavy persecution if they are sent home.

Many are so taken by the Christian message that they end up genuinely changing their beliefs anyway, Martens says. He adds that of those who have converted, only around one in ten stop attending church afterwards.

Although being Christian alone does not mean they will automatically win asylum – Merkel has even said that Islam “belongs in Germany” – many hope this will be enough to sway authorities.

None will openly admit converting just for asylum purposes as it could lead to them being deported as Christian coverts, possibly facing the death penalty when they return home.

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Be sober, be vigilant.
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Author: Author Aimeé Marie Bejarano

Aimeé Marie Bejarano is an Author of historical fiction and paranormal thriller/horror novels. She not only loves the grind of writing but of daily caring for her animals on a small farm. Being unmarried, but married to the Lord, Aimee's only passion is for the life given and to do all she can to fulfill what God has planned. This site is also meant to open the eyes of what is taught, has been taught and continuing to be taught in this world. Eyes open to the truth which is what she desires. To teach on what God's word says about infamous topics such as spirits, haunting, ghosts etc.

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