Why They Need To Stop Making “Paranormal Activity” Movies

Happy New Year all!
I began mine with a scary movie, which I love. So why not watch the new paranormal activity movie about the ghost dimensions?
Just don’t! I was thinking and hoping for a positive resolution in the context of the movie. Why else would you continue for years with these movies?-to make money off of us who actually want to see a good paranormal movie? Of course not!
Well, during the movie I was elated. A priest was called in due to the little girl slowly being overcome by an evil spirit, the spirit or demon that’s been hounding during all the paranormal movies, Toby.
What ticks me off about these movies is that it clearly shows the evil reigning in every area. Nothing can beat it! Not a fan of the priests because they have no power, but when will they show the power and blood of Jesus crushing this demonic power and curse of the witches which is dominant in these movies?
My guess is never. Never. Because it keeps all of us watching it and continues on with this rather confusing story. Plus, Jesus is pretty controversial these days am I right? Sad but true. Right now He doesn’t need me to stick up for Him, He can take care of Himself gladly and crush His enemies.
I’m just disappointed. Apparently, the entire series of these movies was so the witches can reign and have their spell fulfilled which is to bring Toby a physical body.
Do they succeed?
But of course…..
So, this is exactly why I think they need to stop with these movies! Just knock it off. Enough is enough. Hunter isn’t even a main point of the story, you jump from one thing to another where you need the blood of a virgin in part four and then the blood of this little girl with the same birthday as Hunter in part 6, just stop already!
We get it! I don’t know who is writing these movies but if I were you, I’d stop making these movies. Your love for witches is enticing for a scary movie and for audiences looking for a thriller but where does it leave you in the end?
A movie where darkness reigns which is where this nation is going. I guess….well, I shouldn’t be surprised.
This movie was a waste of a rental.


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