The Hands Resist Him

It is rumored and known as an urban legend however can there be more to this story…to this painting?

Bill Stoneham’s 1972 painting of when he was a child became and is still well-known as a paranormal picture.
He decided to draw it one day. Whether or not he had any hidden agenda as to why the painting itself has hands pressed against the glass behind him is beyond anyone’s knowledge. It’s just a painting to him. But, something sinister began to happen.
How can a painting that has a girl doll and a five-year-old boy be bad? You’ll have to take a look for yourself. Just one look, from what I’ve read, and you’ll feel the darkness brewing within the colors of this canvass. Just one.
Some, I suppose, may chalk this up as just a simple story that over the years has caused rumors and haunted stories while others believe the sheer evil in this painting.
Well, here’s some of the history. It was abandoned in a California brewery turned art space. From what I’ve studied, the man’s four-year-old daughter had the painting in her room. Nothing wrong with a child, with non specifically colored eyes, and doll right? The fact that there are children’s hands pressed against the glass behind them may just be harmless fun….that is until the night crept in and so did the children coming out of the picture into the little girl’s room. The father, oh a tad skeptical, decided to do what paranormal investigators do which is set up camera’s. Smart right? Until he played back the tape and saw the boy, whom is Bill Stoneham’s self as a child, crawl eerily out of the painting into the bedroom.
Of course, his daughter was right! What will become of this painting?
Last reports of this painting sent it to, you guessed it, Ebay! It went up for sale. Among the over 30,000 people who viewed, just viewed the add reported supernatural and paranormal happenings. Exorcist voices were heard echoing while another was struck with sickness. One man lit white sage to cleanse his house and was made well.
Where is this painting now?
What I’d like to know is what God’s word says about all of this? Can something that someone has drawn be sheer evil? Can it bring in certain demons which send out oppression and sickness upon people?
In the word of God, let’s discuss this further on my next post.
Until then… take a peek at the painting and tell me what you think? I’ve stared at it in great detail and although it is creepy, I’m covered by the blood of Jesus. Picture on left side.


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