Contest Winner Announced April

There is a contest I am running until April. If you sign up to follow my blog, and you write CLEAN paperback or hardcover novels, then you will be entered to win 5 promotional days on my near 8,000 followers on Linkedin which is attached to my Twitter of over 3,000 followers.  Over 10,000 people!  So, follow today!

Now, if you are already a follower of this blog, and you qualify for the contest, then all you need to do is email me at and put in the subject line- Entering contest. Then let me know in the email your name and you will be entered to win!  This is the 1st of many contests to come!  Also, Lord willing I will be doing some author spotlights.  But, in the near future. For now, enter to win!

God luck!  TO promote at any time join my book group.  We do Twitter Thursday! Only Clean Reads in paperback or hardcover!



Author: Author Aimeé Marie Bejarano

Aimeé Marie Bejarano is an Author of historical fiction and paranormal thriller/horror novels. She not only loves the grind of writing but of daily caring for her animals on a small farm. Being unmarried, but married to the Lord, Aimee's only passion is for the life given and to do all she can to fulfill what God has planned. This site is also meant to open the eyes of what is taught, has been taught and continuing to be taught in this world. Eyes open to the truth which is what she desires. To teach on what God's word says about infamous topics such as spirits, haunting, ghosts etc.

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