And the Winner is… New Contest Details!

Congratulations to Miranda Brock! Your name was drawn this morning. And no it’s not a joke because of April fool’s day lol. I’ve already sent a confirmation email. Again Congratulations!!

New Contest details. Simple entry. You can receive 5 free promo days of your clean paperback or hardcover novel to over 11,500 people on LinkedIn and Twitter. All you have to do is follow this Facebook page. Then please message the page that you follow and leave your email address. You will be entered to win! Winner of this contest will be announced April 8th Friday! God luck.

I’m doing a study of a horrible teaching going around that Christians can be psychics. I’m stunned and appalled and come to find out it’s actually been taught for years. The founding, deceptive father of the lies is now laid to rest yet his destruction is well laid and it is not Biblically backed up. Please keep tuned in for the next post exposing the lies and coming against this teaching which they use and twist the word of God to confirm their twisted deeds. I’ll also be sharing an article I’ve written to my newspaper warning the church not to listen to this jargon and to run. It is in fact being taught within my home town and I’m sickened by it. Ichabod.

Be sober, be vigilant!


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