Wonderful BLOG Interview With Blogger Sara Rose Chatterjee!

Everyone welcome back from a restful holiday weekend! This is a fun interview with a blogger Sara Rose! She’s here to offer some much needed advice for blogging. We have so much to discuss with her so let’s get started!!

How important is it for authors to have their own blog?
For authors, blogging is a wonderful way to introduce their work to their readers, update readers about upcoming books and share their views in general. Of course, the social media platforms are always there but I guess blogging is a more eloquent way of expressing oneself as an author. I wouldn’t say it is absolutely essential for authors to have a blog but it benefits both the author and their readers. Also, it’s a great way to interact with other writers and build a supportive community.

What are the subjects you tackle in your blog?
My blog is a book review blog. I mainly review Indie books and books that are published by lesser known publishers. I also do author interviews and feature guest posts on my blog.

What interest’s readers to flock to your blog?
Readers come across a wide variety of books as I review several different genres. Indie books often go unnoticed because potential readers don’t even get to know about them. Blogs such as mine exist to help readers discover some amazing books by authors they’ve never heard of before.

How many times a week do you post?
That depends on my schedule. But I definitely post once a week. If I manage to make time, I do three to four posts.

Do you get to interact with readers of your blog?
Yes, it is a pleasure to interact with readers. Many readers of my blog are authors themselves and they often share guest posts.

What are some of the questions or comments you’re asked on your blog?
Since my blog mainly focuses on book reviews I receive quite a lot of emails from authors who wish to get their work reviewed by me. Many authors seek suggestions for book marketing and website building. I try to keep my review guidelines and other guidelines as simple as possible and this has been appreciated by authors. Readers have commented on the appearance of my blog posts and said they liked how each post looked somewhat different from the other. Also, I never drop any spoilers in my reviews and share my thoughts on them instead of judging them as good or bad. This is something that readers appreciate.

How do you market your blog?
My blog is listed on IndieView and BookBlogger List. These websites are great for Indie authors and bloggers alike. Most readers and authors have found my blog on either of these. Of course, Twitter is the most effective source when it comes to marketing. I have a separate account for my blog on Twitter and this helps in gaining readership. The authors and publishers with whom I interact share my blog with others and this is also quite helpful

What is the blog site you use to begin your blog?
I have always used Wix. I like it best because it’s very flexible and even people who don’t have a lot of knowledge about coding can experiment with different features. There is a fast growing app market for Wix websites. In short, you can get creative with Wix websites and there are very few restrictions unlike in Weebly or WordPress.

If an author or aspiring author doesn’t have a blog, what is some advice you can give them?
I was a clueless writer wanting to get some feedback. That is how I stumbled upon some interesting blogs on Goodreads and on IndieView. I decided I should start my own blog because I thought of it as a tribute to my love for books. I would suggest authors to consider blogging because it’s a welcome break and it’s fun. But they should never consider it a compulsion or just a tool for marketing their books because that will spoil the fun. I strongly feel that authors should only devote their time and energy to a blog if the idea truly appeals to them.

Do readers get to see the blogger’s writing skills and interests in their blog in their posts?
I’d say yes. But it varies. My blog doesn’t really showcase all my interests because it is limited to books. The only way readers get to know about my other interests is the ‘About’ section.

If an author refuses to begin a blog, what would you expect to see from them as a writer?
If the author traditionally publishes his or her book and the publisher is one of the more famous ones, I don’t think a blog is really necessary. If the author decides to self-publish, a blog helps to communicate with readers because Indie authors don’t get the same opportunities as traditionally published authors. But there are other options if the author is unwilling to start a blog and social media is one of those other options. I would expect them to participate in events outside cyberspace too.

How many followers do you have on your blog?
I don’t have a follower counter app on my website. All I know is that I have enough followers to persuade me to continue with the blog.

Who designed your blog?
I am the only person behind my blog!

If readers would like to follow your blog, please give us your blog address to follow along.
Here’s a link to my blog http://www.pagehungrybookworm.com/ I hope your readers enjoy their visit to my blog!

What is some encouragement you can give people who are vacillating on beginning a blog?
I’d simply say give it a shot. It will definitely be a rewarding experience. Blogging has given me a chance to meet some talented authors and avid readers. Best of all, it has exposed me to a world of fascinating books.

This has been so helpful and I don’t know about any of you, but I see the importance to blogging. Follow her terrific blog!

Stay tuned for our next author interview!


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