Tips for Writing a Book Blurb

Marketing, for indie authors, is an essential part of selling your books. Sometimes a post may stop me to view the novel for a while and even consider purchasing, while others posts sound a little too simplified or unattractive. I regularly post to LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and Twitter. One thing I’m truly realizing is the effect I have in a post by the number of retweets that I get or likes to my post. I take a peek making a mental note of what has attracted the readers to notice my novels. It could be a hilarious photo that I posted with my novel or something pertaining to authors and bloggers. Other times, it’s the blurbs that I write. This article is truly helpful. If you struggle with them, then this will surely offer the assistance we all need as indie authors. Happy reading and writing!

Source: Tips for Writing a Book Blurb


Author: Author Aimée Marie Bejarano

Aimée Marie Bejarano is an Author of historical fiction, inspirational, science fiction, paranormal, supernatural, thriller, and horror novels. She not only loves the grind of writing but of daily caring for her animals on a small farm. Being unmarried, but married to the Lord, Aimée's only passion is for the life given and to do all she can to fulfill what God has planned. This site is also meant to open the eyes of what is taught, has been taught and continuing to be taught in this world. Eyes open to the truth which is what she desires. To teach on what God's word says about infamous topics such as spirits, haunting, ghosts etc.

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