Tips for Writing a Book Blurb

Marketing, for indie authors, is an essential part of selling your books. Sometimes a post may stop me to view the novel for a while and even consider purchasing, while others posts sound a little too simplified or unattractive. I regularly post to LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and Twitter. One thing I’m truly realizing is the effect I have in a post by the number of retweets that I get or likes to my post. I take a peek making a mental note of what has attracted the readers to notice my novels. It could be a hilarious photo that I posted with my novel or something pertaining to authors and bloggers. Other times, it’s the blurbs that I write. This article is truly helpful. If you struggle with them, then this will surely offer the assistance we all need as indie authors. Happy reading and writing!

Source: Tips for Writing a Book Blurb


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