Connecting False Teaching to False Worship

Since I too used to reside under that cloud of false teaching, which a sister in the Lord on Facebook spoke to me on the phone encouraging me to speak to my pastor, I think this post is very important.

Also, I love M’Kayla because her previous post years prior, also led a helping hand into the false teaching going on. After studying my Bible, I saw it first hand. Necromancy, speaking to dead people from the Bible, going to heaven and speaking to Jesus-who lied to that person telling him He was an angel then confessing He is Jesus- soaking prayer, the NAR. If you don’t know anything about it, please look on Youtube for a video entitled “The Kundalini Warning.” It will get you up to speed at what is happening. 30 minutes of your life will help aid that Godly discernment we should NOT ignore.

Please, please. Do not listen to anyone who does not preach the word of God. If they make up another gospel you need to run. Confront them in love, just as I had to that day to my pastor, then run.

And don’t just follow this blog but follow M’Kayla. You won’t be disappointed.

Be sober, be vigilant.

Source: Connecting False Teaching to False Worship


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