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More on the Kundalini Spirit Part 1

1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

I wanted to write more in detail about this Kundalini spirit I’ve previously posted about because some people may think there’s no harm in this spirit. Although I completely disagree with that, here are some reasons why and the origins.
First off, the Kundalini spirit is derived from Hinduism and has much to do with Yoga. Every move you make with Yoga is a worship to the Hindu god and they are meant to invoke demons. Her name is Shakti and she is recognized specifically by a serpent that coils up the spine. Now, this is completely demonic and New Age and once you’ve had your Kundalini awakened, there’s many things you must watch out for. Kryas which are uncontrolled spasmatic shaking and jerking. This is happening within the church and it’s called the “Drunken Revival”. People are prayed over and as soon as those hands are laid upon them, they are moved into complete vibrating and quaking uncontrollably with your body. Most people fall over and are stuck to the ground. They can’t move. The church is calling this a move of God and the Holy Spirit. But, nowhere in the word does it talk about Christians becoming drunk. In the book of Acts it mentions when the Holy Spirit came upon them, that others thought they were drunk only because they were speaking in tongues. They were not lost of soberness they were full of the spirit of God.
Secondly, this Kundalini is dangerous and churches are accepting it. They are opening themselves up to a Hindu goddess and demonic activity. They are also telling you to ignore the doctrine of the Bible and just go by experiences and what’s being manifested because IT IS the Holy Spirit. People, this is not right. The Lord tells us to be sober and be vigilant.
Many ministries are involved in this. I’m going to list a few and if you are offended I’m sorry but we are to warn the body of Christ so people don’t get caught up in this new age mysticism of portals and trips to heaven.
Bill Johnson’s church in Redding is dangerous. Along with his youth pastor Jim Crowder. They have their people drunk in the spirit all the time and dreams and visions schools. It teaches you to transport and come out of your bodies and even…..levitate. People of God this is all demonic. Jim Crowder has influenced the youth becoming drunk in the spirit himself. He also hands out miniature baby Jesus statues and tells everyone to “token the ghost”. They put it up to their mouth and smoke it then are drunk by it. In the spirit of course. What dangers are they putting on our youth of today? And they have bizarre manifestations such as gold dust and glory clouds and oh here’s another big one….feathers.
Just weigh every teaching and ministry by God’s word and don’t forget it. These manifestations are nowhere in scripture but because they are seen, it’s of course from God. No it’s not!!
Thirdly, this is opening yourself up to that Kundalini spirit. In Hinduism, you usually have your Kundalini awakened by a Yogi laying hands upon you. The result is extreme happiness and you can even have visions and terrific feelings…but that’s how the enemy works. If it feels good it’s got to be good right? Wrong! That is how Satan gets us.
The Kundalini is often referred to as the false Holy Spirit because you also can have miracles. Yes, people actually can be healed. But, others shake uncontrollably and their insides begin to hurt. Their bodies are being taken over by demonic entities.
Fourth, the Kansas City Prophets brought this sort of heresy in without testing the spirit. It arrived back in the 1990’s. Such men like, John Paul Jackson, Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner and many others are carriers of this wicked spirit. They also have terrible beliefs and doctrines which they’ve spieled out upon their congregations and also millions of others around the world.

I will get into more of their beliefs on the next post. Their beliefs and teachings are on tv. and video everywhere in their own words. It can’t be hidden.

My encouragement is to watch the documentary by Andrew Strom called the Kundalini Warning.
People be sober and be vigilant. Don’t be swayed merely because the ministry is big or you’re called a heresy hunter. Warn the body! Be sober people!